About LDF

Lithuanian Disability Forum (LDF) is the largest Lithuanian organization representing the interests of various disability groups. LDF unites 15 organizations which represent a combined 300 000 persons with disabilities, their families, as well as temporarily disabled people. LDF was founded in 2001, with the goal of uniting organisations that represent different disabilities and making a combined effort to change disability policies in Lithuania.
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Contact us

President Dovilė Juodkaitė: d.juodkaite@lnf.lt, +37065268035
Administration director Henrika Varnienė: henrika@lnf.lt, +37069806363
Communication project manager Simona Aginskaitė: simona@lnf.lt, +37067813333
Project manager Lina Garbenčiūtė: l.garbenciute@lnf.lt, +37067003204
Programmer manager Dalia Kuliešienė: dalia@lnf.lt
Project coordinator Goda Ščupokaitė: goda@lnf.lt
Social business manufactory manager Rūta Udraitė-Mikalauskienė: ruta@lnf.lt