Information accessibility

Information accessibility is relevant to a significant segment of the society; however, it is extremely important for the blind, visually and hearing impaired, or those with intellectual disability.

The blind and visually impaired receive a lot of information using smart technologies, alas, not all websites or mobile applications are programmed to be suitable for the screen reader software used by the blind and visually impaired. Moreover, Lithuania does not have an established practice of making video material accessible via the use of audio description. There are only a few movies adapted in this manner.

Lithuanian sign language is the native language for the deaf, so the crucial need is for information to be made accessible via the use of the sign language or text (subtitles). The public broadcaster LRT subtitles just a little over 6 percent of their total broadcast, and almost 5 percent of the programming is translated into sign language.

Intellectually disabled people have a better understanding of information when simple language and illustrations are used, yet such adaptation of public information is a rarity in Lithuania.